How to: Use the KCCD Scholarships Applicant Portal

When Logging in for the First Time

When you log into AcademicWorks for the first time, the first thing you will see is the General Application. You must complete all required questions in the "Profile Information" section before proceeding to other activities in the system.

Welcome screen of the genral application.

You will also see an "Applicant Record" item included in your application progress bar to the left side of the screen. Here you will be able to view selected information included in your institutional record.

Button for Applicant Record.

Conditional Applications

If you meet the minimum qualifications for a Conditional Application, it will appear upon saving or submitting the General Application. (This will also be shown as an item in the application progress bar.)

Application Progress bar, screenshot.

Recommended Opportunities

After completing the General Application (and any Conditional Applications you may be presented with), you will be directed to the Recommended Opportunities page where you will see any Apply-To opportunities that the system determines you may be qualified for. Just click "Apply" for any of these opportunities you are interested in being considered for.

Recommended opportunities with apply button, screenshot.

The My Applications Page

The My Applications page is the central location where you can monitor the status and progress of your various applications in the system. The page is broken down into five key areas

Status Indicators

Clickable boxes for items to be monitored, screenshot.

Needs Attention

If you have submitted an application but something has occurred that requires new attention and action, you will see it here. This may include award offers that should be accepted, post-acceptance questionnaires that must be completed, or renewal applications that need completed.

Alerts and cards, screenshot.

General Applications Section includes:

  • the General Application, the primary application that must be completed in order to be considered for any opportunity, and
  • any Conditional Application(s) that you qualified to complete.

Card with the application category submitted and update button, screenshot.


These are applications from the current cycle that you have submitted with no required action or needed attention at this time.

Deadlines showing submitted with an option to update, screenshot.

The Opportunities Menu

The Opportunities pages allows you to locate recommended Apply-to opportunities, as well as browsing other opportunities within the system. Simply click on the Opportunities button to visit the Recommended Opportunities page where you can begin applying for additional Apply-to opportunities.

If you would like to view additional opportunities, hover over the Opportunities button to select the All/Ours opportunities listing. If you have created external third-party opportunities in your system, applicants may click on External to view those outside opportunities.

Opportunies menu, screenshot

Search Function

On the Recommended and All opportunities pages, you can conduct a keyword search or use the Show Filters button to launch a search page. The search page allows you to search through available opportunities based on the qualification criteria established for each opportunity.

Search screen shot.

The References Page

You can also monitor references and letters of recommendation by clicking on the References button. Here you can:

  • Monitor whether or not a requested reference has been submitted yet.
  • Resend a request to a reference.

Reference button in the main menu bar at the top of the page, screenshot.

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