How To: Read Your Class Schedule

Find out how to read your class schedule to find when and where to be for your classes.


How to Find Your Class Schedule

  1. Go to InsideBC.
  2. On MyBanWeb, click on Class Schedule.
  3. Select Fall 2022 as the term and click continue.
  4. If you hover over the middle of the screen, you can drag the bar up to make the schedule larger.
  5. Click the second tab “Schedule Details” to see full details.
  6. You will see:
  7. My Dates
  8. My Buildings
  9. My Room Numbers
  10. Each class has the start date, the days and times it meets, and the location.

How to Read Your Class Schedule

  1. For example, my first class "Child Growth and Development" starts on August 20th. I can see that we meet on Monday and Wednesday at 11:10 AM. My class location shows that I meet in the BC Main Campus - Family and Consumer Ed. in Room 15.
  2. Each class has the start date, the days and times it meets, and the location.
  3. My second class looks a little different because it's a hybrid class. My second class “Math Jam - Math Skills Building” meets on Saturdays in a scheduled Zoom. The room says “Hybrid” which means I'm not going to come to campus. My instructor is going to send me Zoom information. But on Monday through Friday, I'm coming to the BC Main Campus Center for Student Success in Room 140.
  4. That's what hybrid is - it's going to be partially online and partially in person.
  5. The third class “Physical Anthropology” starts on August 20th. It's a full term class because it ends on December 10th. It meets Monday and Wednesdays at 12:35 PM. But, this class Location is showing BC Southwest Campus. If that's okay for me, that's fine, but it does involve driving across town. Make sure to pay attention to those campuses.
  6. Now the final class “World History” doesn't start until September 16th. I want to pay attention to that, because I don't want to show up until that Friday. It meets Fridays at 8:00 AM on the BC Main Campus in Humanities Room 19.
  7. So those are the main things you need to pay attention to: your dates, your days of the week and times, and then of course, your locations. Make sure you're looking at all three of those things when you go to find your classes.