How To: Look Up Classes


  1. Login to InsideBC
  2. In the MyBanWeb menu, select Lookup Classes
  3. Select the Term
    If the correct term is not in the field, click the dropdown arrow to the right to select the term.
  4. Click the continue button
  5. In the Browse Classes window, you may search for classes by subject, course number, CRN or Keyword.
  6. When you start to type in the subject field, it will populate with selectable subjects.
  7. You may click Search, but we recommend selecting Advanced Search.
  8. In the Advanced Search, you can limit your results by campus, college, days, times etc.
  9. Tips:
    • Be careful with Campus as it may limit your search more than you wish.
    • Select Bakersfield in College Field
    • Select “Open Sections Only”
  10. After making your selections, click Search.
  11. Scroll through the classes to see what is available.
  12. You cannot add classes from this screen. Note the CRN to easily add it when you register.
  13. When you wish to search for another class, use the Search Again button at the top right and change the parameters of the search to look for classes in other subjects.

Face-to-Face Online Help

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Summer SID Hours:

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    (Advising starts at 12:00 PM)
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday - Sunday: Closed
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