Student Success

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Noncredit certificates to help all students, new, current, or returning, succeed in college by providing resources, skills, and awareness of college support systems.

These noncredit certificates empower you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to thrive in any learning environment, while also connecting you to valuable college resources.

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What is noncredit?

Noncredit courses are tuition-free and do not affect your GPA or Financial Aid. They are a great way to build your skills.

Are Student Success Certificates Right for Me?

Student success is right for all students. No matter your major or interest, these courses help you navigate resources at BC and give you skills and strategies to help you ace classes and graduate.

Student Success Certificates

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Learn strategies and skill sets for being a successful, independent student in both traditional and online learning environments. 

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Learn tools, skills, and strategies to for textbook reading, academic vocabulary, note-taking, test-taking, time management, and memory. 

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Develop academic reading, writing, studying, and time management skills that will help you effectively communicate your ideas and respond capably to college-level materials.

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Paying For Education

You CAN Afford BC

Don’t let finances get in the way of your goals. Get help paying for college costs like tuition, books, or sometimes even the rent with a variety of financial aid options to help you reach your educational and career goals.

Academic Department: Education

Career & Learning Pathway: Education Pathway

Courses: Education (EDUC) and Academic Development (ACDV)

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