Bakersfield College


This section provides information that pertains to our academic programs, requirements and policies. Below is a brief description of the type of information on each page:

Academic Departments

Explore Bakersfield College's academic departments.

Academic Information

Explanation and definitions pertaining to Academic Freedom, Academic Integrity, Academic Standing, Academic Probation, Educational Options, Catalog Rights / Continuous Enrollment, Credits Allowed from Other Institutions and Advanced Placement Program.

Academic Services

Lists of resources for academics and academic support.


The Bakersfield College Catalog contains information about programs, requirements for admission and degrees, course descriptions, and services offered at the College. A new catalog is published each year. This page has the current and past catalogs.

Class Schedule

This page contains links to finding the times, teachers and locations of classes for the semester.

Degrees & Certificates

A list of degree and certificate programs offered at Bakersfield College.

FAST Track

Faculty have designed some accelerated courses for college students that can do much more than what is traditionally expected of them. This page gives some information on these courses.

Finals Schedule

Finals are exams at the end of the class. These are held during the last week of the semester for semester length courses. This is the schedule for the current semester.

General Education Patterns

General Education Patterns guide students through taking the required courses to accomplish an academic goal.


Special recognition to honor students with high grade point averages. This page explains minimum requirements for each designation.

Online Education

Thinking of taking an online class, read up on the logistics and requirements for online classes. Also read the Online Education FAQs for answers to your questions.


Academic Policies, Attendance Policies, Student Conduct, Disciplinary Procedures, Student Complain Procedures, and Student Sanctions explained.

Registering for Classes

Information on how to register for classes.

Dropping a Class

Information on how to drop a class and ramifications of dropping a class.

Registration Holds

There are a variety of reasons that your registration can be put on hold. The definitions of the various holds and how to remove them.

Repeating a Course

Information about conditions for repeating a course.


Tried to register for a class and put on the waitlist? What that means and what to expect when on a waitlist.

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