Elementary Teacher Education

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The Elementary Teacher Education program at Bakersfield College provides students with a solid foundation in education theory and practice, as well as a strong focus on the specific needs and characteristics of elementary school-aged children. Through a combination of coursework, field experiences, and student teaching, students in the program gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to effectively plan and deliver instruction, manage a classroom, and engage with students, families, and communities. Graduates of the program are well-prepared for a position as a paraprofessional position in K-12, transfer to a 4-year university, and make a positive impact on the lives of young children.

teacher helping studentWhat is Elementary Teacher Education?

Elementary teacher education refers to the academic and practical training that prepares individuals to become effective elementary school teachers. Elementary school teachers typically work with children in grades K-8, helping them to develop fundamental academic and social skills. Elementary teacher education programs provide students with a solid foundation in educational theory, child development, and pedagogy, as well as practical experience through fieldwork, observation, and student teaching. The goal of elementary teacher education is to prepare future teachers to create engaging learning environments, develop effective lesson plans, and support the academic and emotional growth of young children. Graduates of elementary teacher education programs are well-prepared to work in a variety of educational settings, including public and private elementary schools, charter schools, and other educational organizations.

Is Elementary Teacher Education Right for Me?

Elementary teacher education is an excellent career path for individuals who possess a variety of personal and professional qualities. Some traits and characteristics that can help individuals excel in this field include:

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Patience and Empathy
  • Passion for Education
  • Creativity
  • Organizational Skills
  • Adaptability

Overall, individuals who possess these traits and characteristics, and who have a passion for education and working with young children, are likely to be successful in elementary teacher education.

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Elementary Teacher Education Careers

Graduates with an Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) degree in Elementary Teacher Education can pursue various career paths in the field of education. Some of the common career options:

  • Teacher's Aide: Teacher's aides work under the supervision of licensed teachers to provide instructional and administrative support in classrooms.
  • Substitute Teacher: Substitute teachers fill in for absent teachers in classrooms, providing instruction and maintaining classroom management.
  • Tutor: Tutors provide individual or small-group instruction to students who need extra help with academic subjects.
  • Preschool Teacher: Preschool teachers work with young children to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond, teaching fundamental academic and social skills.
  • After-School Program Coordinator: After-school program coordinators manage and organize after-school programs, developing and implementing activities and programs that support students' academic and social development.
  • Paraeducator: Paraeducators work with students who have special needs or require additional support, assisting with instructional and administrative tasks in classrooms.

Overall, graduates with an AA-T in Elementary Teacher Education can pursue various entry-level positions in the field of education, depending on their skills, interests, and career goals. With additional education and experience, many AA graduates go on to become licensed elementary school teachers, pursuing fulfilling and rewarding careers in education.

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