Guide to BC Tuition and Fees

Enrollment fees are set by the state at $46 per unit. If these fees are changed by the state, students will be notified of the additional amount owed via their college email address.

  • Bills are not mailed to students. They are available under the Schedule/Bill item in BanWeb.
  • After registering for a class, you have ten days to pay your fees. This deadline does not apply to students who have been awarded Pell Grants, Cal Grants, or California Promise Grants by the Financial Aid department.
  • After the first day of the term students will not be dropped for non-payment of enrollment fees or non-residence tuition. However, these students will have holds placed on their transcripts, grades, and released diploma until the fees are paid.

Financial Aid

You can apply for Financial Aid by visiting their webpage. You are exempt from the 10-day payment timeline if you are eligible to receive Financial Aid and the Financial Aid department has processed your paperwork.

The Financial Aid process starts by applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once your application is submitted and Financial Aid has received it, you can login to InsideBC, click on MyBanWeb, click on MyBanWeb Main Menu, and click on the Financial Aid tab for eligibility information.

Enrollment and Tuition Fee Refunds

Enrollment and tuition fees will be credited to the student account, when applicable (see Important Dates on page 1), for program changes through the first one and a half weeks of the fall semester. In courses other than semester-length, the instructor or Admissions & Records should be consulted regarding withdrawal and refund deadlines.

To receive the enrollment or tuition refund, a student must apply for the refund in the Business Services Office before the end of the second consecutive semester of non-attendance.


Students who are eligible for refunds (see Important Dates on page 1) are to contact the Business Services Office. Business Services Office hours are: M-Th, 8:30 AM-4 PM; Fridays: 8:30 AM-11 AM

Student Health Fee Refund

Health fees will be credited to the student account if all classes on the main campus and the Delano Campus of Bakersfield College are dropped and an enrollment fee credit is generated by the transaction.
To receive a health fee refund, a student must apply for the refund in the Business Services Office before the end of the second consecutive semester of non-attendance.

Other Fee Information

Fees may be paid by MasterCard/Visa on the Web, by check through the mail, or in person at the Business Services Office (days). Checks should be made payable to Bakersfield College for the amount of the fees due and should include your student ID number on the front of your check. There is a $25 charge for any check returned to Bakersfield College by a bank because of insufficient funds.

In addition to the fees listed below, students may have miscellaneous fees for supplemental materials and/or supplies may vary depending on classes taken.

Tuition/Fee Definitions
Charge Cost/Purpose/More Information
Nonresident Tuition $342 per unit (beginning summer 2023): Nonresidents. Students who attended a California high school for at least three years and who have a California high school diploma or equivalency may have their nonresident tuition waived. *Credits exceeding 15 will not be charged the nonresident fee. The California enrollment fee is applied to all credits for all students including nonresident students.
Baccalaureate Level Fee $84.00 per-unit: Baccalaureate level fee for upper division courses in addition to the regular $46.00 enrollment fee.
Student Health Fee $18 for Fall/Spring, $15 for Summer: In accordance to Education Code Section 76355, all enrolled students at Bakersfield College are assessed a mandatory Student Health Fee except to the students who are enrolled in an approved apprenticeship training program, inmate education, high school students who are in dual enrolled classes, or students who depend upon prayer for healing in accordance with a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization.
Student Center Fee $1 per unit for courses on the main campus up to a maximum of $5 per fall semester and $5 per spring semester. The fee shall not be assessed for summer session enrollment.
Student Representation Fee

$2 Charged to all students (Effective Spring 2020 in accordance with CA Assembly Bill 1504.)

Students can opt-out of this fee at the time of registration on their update form or for religious, political, financial, or moral reasons, students may request a refund of the Student Representation Fee by emailing or coming to the Office of Student Life in the Campus Center building.

BCSGA/KVC Discount Card $15 per semester (Optional): Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA) Student Services Program enhances the student academic experience at Bakersfield College. Take full advantage of your BCSGA Student Services Program by participating in co-curricular activities. Funds collected from the BCSGA Student Services Sticker fee support entertaining, diverse, and educational events around campus and student organizations. The program allows you to get various incentives at BC and in the Bakersfield community, including 10 free scantrons; 2 free blue books; copying and faxing; tickets for home athletic games; BCSGA promotional giveaways; and discounts at more than 500 local businesses. The sticker can be picked up in the Office of Student Life (395-4355) or email to For more information including how to receive a refund for this fee, visit the BCSGA Student Services Sticker Program page .
Parking Permit $40 for Fall or Spring ($30 for Financial Aid in Fall or Spring), $30 for Summer: Not required, but recommended. The permit authorizes parking in designated Student Parking areas any time during the school term on the main campus. A student parking permit is required to park in all other parking lots. Student permits are available at the dispensers located in all parking lots. You can purchase your parking permit online.

Veterans Benefits

Students who plan to receive V.A. educational benefits must verify their enrollment with the Veterans Coordinator in the Admissions & Records Office as soon as they have registered.

Visit the BC Veterans Services page for more information about the programs we offer our veteran students.