Early (Priority) Registration

Bakersfield College recognizes that students who complete all enrollment steps (application, orientation, placement, and education planning with an Educational Advisor or Counselor) are more likely to reach their academic goals. These students are given special registration priority appointments to ensure they continue progressing successfully toward their academic goals have the opportunity to continue that progress.

For your first semester of registration, you will receive earlier appointments if you have completed the enrollment steps. The order of appointment assignments is:

Priority Student Groups
Priority 1 Active-duty military, veterans, foster youth*, former foster youth**, DSPS, EOP&S/CalWORKs
Priority 2 Honors students, Presidential Scholars, Dean's List, Student Athletes (Student groups noted for registration in Priority 2 are special populations designated by the colleges)
Priority 3 Continuing students (excluding students on academic standing probation 2) with less than 100 units earned (excluding units in basic English, math, or English as a second language)
Priority 4 Graduating high-school seniors in the KCCD service area
Priority 5 First-term students not included above

*Foster youth is defined as a person who is currently in foster care

**Former foster youth is defined as a person who is an emancipated foster youth and who is up to 24 years of age

Continuing students who have not completed all four enrollment steps will be assigned appointments during the first few days of open registration based on the date they completed their admission/update forms. Students who have attempted less than 100 units will be allowed to register earlier than those with over 100 units attempted.