Athletics, Physical Education, and Kinesiology

Man and woman doing pushups from dumbells.

Bakersfield College offers a wide range of programs and activities for students to participate in and stay active.

From intramural sports like basketball and volleyball to fitness classes like yoga and cardio, there is something for everyone. Bakersfield College is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging students to get involved in physical activities that they enjoy.

In addition to the recreational programs, the department also has a strong athletic program with teams competing in various sports such as football, soccer, softball, and cross country. These teams are composed of students who are passionate about their sport and strive to perform at their best. The department provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills, learn teamwork and sportsmanship, and represent the college in intercollegiate competitions. The coaching staff is knowledgeable and experienced, providing guidance and support to help students reach their full potential.


It is the mission of the Bakersfield College Athletics Department to provide a first-class student athlete experience, compete for championships, cultivate students who complete academic goals or transfer to four-year institutions, and serve as a source of pride for the College and Community.

For game schedules, statistics, and scores, visit the Athletics website: GoGades.

Intercollegiate Athletics Courses

Student must contact specific sport coach before enrolling. For contact information, see Renegade Coaching Staff Directory.

  • PHED B10 Intercollegiate Competition Football
  • PHED B11 Intercollegiate Competition for Men Basketball
  • PHED B12 Intercollegiate Competition Track and Field
  • PHED B13 Intercollegiate Competition for Men Tennis
  • PHED B14 Intercollegiate Competition for Men Baseball
  • PHED B15 Intercollegiate Competition Cheer
  • PHED B16 Intercollegiate Competition for Men Golf
  • PHED B17 Intercollegiate Competition for Men Cross Country
  • PHED B20 Intercollegiate Competition for Men: Wrestling
  • PHED B23 Intercollegiate Competition for Women: Soccer
  • PHED B23M Intercollegiate Competition for Men Soccer
  • PHED B24 Intercollegiate Competition for Women Golf
  • PHED B25 Intercollegiate Competition for Women: Volleyball
  • PHED B25B Intercollegiate Competition for Women Beach Volleyball
  • PHED B28 Intercollegiate Competition for Women Basketball
  • PHED B29 Intercollegiate Competition for Women: Softball
  • PHED B33 Intercollegiate Swimming
  • PHED B34WT Intercollegiate Weight Training

Adapted Physical Education

Bakersfield College offers one adaptive physical education course.

PHED B3ADP Adaptive Physical Education

For questions related to adaptive physical education at BC, email Professor Konrad Dahl at

Physical Education and Kinesiology Courses

Physical Education and Kinesiology Courses meet requirements for graduation from Bakersfield College and for transfer to the California State University System. They are also great for staying active and healthy. Peruse the Bakersfield College catalog for Kinesiology Courses. Then, look at this semester’s class schedule.

Non-Credit Adult CPR and AED Classes

We are in the process of scheduling sessions for Non-Credit Adult CPR and AED Classes. If you are interested in attending these sessions in the future, please fill out the online interest form:

Non-Credit Adult CPR & AED Class Interest Form

Career Pathways

If you are interested in careers pathways, see the Kinesiology Program and Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

Department: Kinesiology Health and Athletics

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