Human Biology

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The Human Biology program at Bakersfield College is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the human body and its functions. Through a combination of lecture-based courses and hands-on laboratory experiences, students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of various systems within the human body, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems.

Additionally, the program includes coursework in genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry, which will allow students to understand the molecular basis of human biology. Graduates of the program will be well-prepared to transfer to a four-year university to continue their education in a variety of fields, including biology, nursing, and healthcare.

What is Human Biology?

Human Biology is the scientific study of the structure, function, and behavior of the human body. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including anatomy, physiology, genetics, and biochemistry, and seeks to understand how these different systems work together to maintain overall health and well-being. Human Biology also explores how various factors, such as genetics, environment, and lifestyle, can affect human health and disease. The study of Human Biology is crucial for advancements in medicine and healthcare, as it provides a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of diseases and how they can be treated or prevented.

Is Human Biology right for Me?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, such as nursing or medical assisting, or planning to transfer to a four-year university to continue your education in a related field, Human Biology may be right for you. The program is also well-suited if you are interested in understanding the human body and its functions, and how different factors can impact health and disease. The program may be of interest if you are considering careers in scientific research or laboratory work, as it provides a strong foundation in the principles and techniques of biological research. Overall, the Human Biology associate degree program is ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of human biology and explore career opportunities in healthcare or related fields.

Some key traits and skills that would make someone a good fit for studying Human Biology include:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Curiosity
  • Critical thinking
  • Strong communication skills
  • Passion for helping others
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Collaborative spirit

Human Biology Degree

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Courses required for the Human Biology Associate of Science degree include biology and chemistry courses necessary for transfer to allied health programs such as nursing, physical therapy, Physician Assistant, and radiology.

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An associate degree in human biology can prepare individuals for a variety of careers in healthcare and related fields. Some possible career options include:

  • Medical or Clinical Laboratory Technologist: Performing laboratory tests and procedures to diagnose and treat disease.
  • Medical or Health Services Manager: Overseeing the operations of a healthcare facility or department, including managing budgets and staff.
  • Medical Assistant: Assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals in clinical and administrative tasks.
  • Pharmacy Technician: Preparing and dispensing medications under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.
  • Biomedical Technician: Maintaining and repairing medical equipment and instruments used in healthcare settings.
  • Research Technician: Conducting laboratory experiments and tests to support scientific research.
  • Health Educator: Developing and implementing educational programs to promote healthy behaviors and prevent disease.
  • Environmental Health Specialist: Investigating and identifying environmental factors that may affect public health.

Overall, the human biology associate degree can provide a strong foundation for individuals interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, research, or related fields.

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