Warehousing Certificate of Completion

Woman uses iPad to inventory boxes in a warehouse.

Classes start February 27, 2024!

Complete a short-term, intensive, hands-on program in warehouse operations to get the skills you need to begin or enhance a successful career in the logistics industry. Earn your Warehousing Certificate of Completion in this 5-week program. You will only need to attend one in-person session each week and the rest is completed online!

Classes are held on Tuesdays from 1:00 PM to 2:25 PM on the Main Campus.

Robotic arm picking up box from conveyor belt.


Course Schedule Spring 2024
Course Name Course # CRN Dates
Warehouse Fundamentals BSAD B93NC 32277 02/27
Picking Strategies and Methods BSAD B94NC 32282 03/05
Storage and Handling Equipment BSAD B95NC 32284 03/12
Layout, Costs, and Performance BSAD B96NC 32286 03/19
Health, Safety, and Robotics BSAD B97NC 32295 03/26

Warehousing Certificate of Completion Catalog Description

Warehouse employees in hardhats talking.

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