Entrepreneurship and Small Business

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Bakersfield College offers noncredit certificates designed to help you learn the skills and knowledge required to start and manage your own business successfully. 

This program is perfect for anyone who has a passion for entrepreneurship but may not have the time or resources to commit to a traditional credit-based program. The noncredit certificates provide a flexible and affordable option for individuals to gain practical knowledge and skills without the pressure of earning academic credit.

These certificates are ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to enhance their understanding of entrepreneurship, sharpen their skills, and connect with other like-minded individuals in the business community. The noncredit certificates offer a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

What is Noncredit?

The classes required for the noncredit certificates of completion are tuition-free. They do not affect your GPA or Financial Aid. They are offered at convenient locations, online, and online hybrid. You must enroll in all required courses and pass with a ‘P’ to earn the certificate of completion. We have many to choose from to build skills for running your small business.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy Series

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The Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion (NC) provides a framework for students to develop business ideas and a business plan to execute those ideas.

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The Small Business Development Certificate of Completion (NC) provides a framework for students to develop small business skills and training that will serve as a foundation to starting a business.

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The Small Business Execution Certificate of Completion (NC) provides the framework for students to to develop a product or service prototype for a business and perform market research to determine the viability of their business.

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The Small Business Funding Certificate of Completion (NC) provides a framework for students to develop small business funding skills and training that will serve as a foundation for preparation to solicit funds for a business.

Business Skills Enhancement Series

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The Customer Relations Certificate of Completion (NC) allows students to develop customer relationship skills by dissecting the anatomy of a complaint and understanding different personality styles.

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The Digital Marketing for Small Business Certificate of Completion (NC) allows students to develop strategic marketing skills. The program focuses on making an online presence for a small business by creating online visibility and business branding. 

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The Powerful Presentation Certificate of Completion (NC) allows students to explore and apply presentation delivery and formatting skills needed in today's workforce. Students learn persuasion skills to get their ideas heard at meetings, to sell themselves in an interview, and to organize any business presentation with clarity and impact.

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The QuickBooks Basics for Small Business Certificate of Completion (NC) provides a framework for student entrepreneurs to develop skills and knowledge in the bookkeeping software. 

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The Recruiting and Managing Employees Certificate of Completion (NC) is intended to give small business owners the basic skills necessary for recruiting, hiring, and managing new employees.

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The Sales Technique Certificate of Completion (NC) allows students to develop the basic sales techniques and skills to effectively handle a negotiation and sales environment. ex.

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The Warehousing Certificate Program will provide an opportunity for students to complete a short-term, intensive, hands-on program. Upon successful completion of the Warehousing Certificate, students will have the skills necessary for obtaining an entry-level position in warehousing or Logistics.

Office Skills Series

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The Basic Internet Skills Certificate of Completion (NC) prepares students in today’s computerized environment to conduct basic internet research and to communicate with individuals via email.

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The Basic Office Skills Certificate of Completion (NC) provides a framework for students to develop workplace skills and training that will qualify them for even more work opportunities within an office environment.

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Basic Office Software Skills Certificate of Completion (NC)

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The Beginning Computer Skills Certificate of Completion (NC) prepares students for their academic progression as well as their professional advancement by giving the basic knowledge of computer functions required in an office environment. 

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