Finish Fast at Bakersfield College

Graduate in front of fireworks.

Bakersfield College is offering all the required courses for certain majors in 8-week options! Students in these majors can split their semester into two 8-week sessions instead of having to take one long 16 week semester. This allows you to focus on just two or three classes at a time during each 8-week period while maintaining your full-time status throughout the semester. Sample schedule:

Fall Semester
First 8 Weeks Second 8 Weeks
  • ENGL B1A (3)
  • CRIM B1 (3)
  • PSYC B1A (3)
  • COMM B1 (3)
  • CRIM B2 (3)
Total Units: 15

This scheduling model gives you added flexibility when planning out your semester, and especially benefits students who cannot commit to an entire 16 weeks for their coursework. This includes: students who arrive to BC late in the semester, students with seasonal jobs, students with planned extended absences during either half of the semester, and many more.

Finish Fast Majors:



*some required courses are currently only available in 16-week options 

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