Student Assistance

Welcome to the Renegade Nexus!

In efforts to meet the state requirements and to re-energize the BC student assistance program, Student Life rebranded a fresh look to the pantry program while expanding basic needs services beyond just the simple pantry program, with a planned grand opening of the new and improved Renegade Nexus in January 2023. The new area will contain a suite of support services and programs to assist students in meeting their academic achievements while supporting the college's efforts of persistence, retention, and completion.  

What is the Renegade Nexus?

Through centralized, direct support, Renegade Nexus connects students to critical on-campus and community resources that promote academic achievement and holistic student wellness. Renegade Nexus provides connections to the essential resources Bakersfield College students need to thrive in their educational journeys.

To better support BC students, Renegade Nexus services will: 

  • Ensure students receive max aid from the College's Financial Aid office  
  • Assess student needs and provide monetary aid for student living expenses 
  • Supply relevant school supplies  
  • Supplement aid with books vouchers  
  • Provide access to hot meals during academic hours  
  • Supply nutritious, fresh, and sufficient foods to student homes 
  • Secure access to local transportation  
  • Provide hygiene and personal care products 
  • Connect homeless students with proper community benefits and resources  
  • Refer students to safe, secure, and adequate housing 
  • Assist students in enrolling in utility assistance programs 
  • Promote sustained mental and physical well-being 
  • Foster connections to affordable academic technology tools  
  • Analyze the profile of service users  
  • Collaborate with EOPS/CARE/CalWorks/DSPS programs to maximize student aid  
  • Enroll students in WIC, Cal-Fresh, Medi-Cal, and other community support programs 
  • Manage and track student applications for CalFresh, CalWorks, and Medi-Cal through BenefitsCal as a community-based organization 
  • Provide tax preparation workshops through VITA programs 
  • Coordinate referrals to legal assistance and services 
  • Ensure students have adequate clothing and professional attire for class and work  
  • Connect students with Student Employment or part-time work  
  • Connect with SOC interns to case manage students to ensure successful completion  
  • Assist students in re-integrating with community support systems  
  • Host workshops that cater to students need to be self-sustaining 
  • Develop a referral system for faculty and staff to ensure support and follow-up 

Shower Facilities

If you are currently a homeless student that needs access to on-campus shower facilities please email for more information.

Need to Borrow a Chromebook?

Do you not have a computer? Need a Loaner Chromebook? If you choose to borrow a Chromebook, please complete the Chromebook/Electronic Equipment Advance Application found on the Financial Aid website. The computer is a lightweight Chrome OS android Chromebook. Chromebooks are not used to download any other software programs on itself, and it is mainly used to ensure you have access to the web-based online tools for most BC classes, including Canvas, Microsoft Office, Zoom, and other student-related services. You will need to provide your own access to WiFi in order to get on the Internet.

Currently, applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis as inventory is available.

Submit a Chromebook/Electronic Equipment Advance Application!