Do you need assistance obtaining suitable housing in the Bakersfield College area? Although the college does not provide housing for students at this time, we hope to assist students. If you're interested in receiving housing services assistance, please email Student Life:

Student Housing Services helps and supports BC students in a magnitude of ways. Some students may prefer to live with families, rent a room, apartment, or house. Whatever the option a student chooses, the goal of Student Housing Services is to assist BC students in locating some potential living accommodations.

Student Housing Services is a program offered by the Office of Student Life to assist students in meeting their housing needs. The Office of Student Life understands that in order for students to be academically successful, their basic needs must be met (Maslow, 1943). Student Housing Services is designed to help students meet this need and to provide opportunities to develop life skills through workshops, financial management, connections to resources, and hands-on practical tips and advice Student Housing Services will augment this with support, guidance, and educational services.

Housing Resources & Listings

Housing Resources:

Local Housing Listings

The inclusion of any rental, apartment, or agency on the list does not represent an endorsement of services or facilities by Bakersfield College or the Office of Student Life, nor does it guarantee vacancies. Please be aware that Bakersfield College does not inspect any housing facilities. We do not assume responsibility for the condition of these housing facilities, or for the character of any applicant, landlord, or tenant. Student Life is no longer collecting and advertising personal spaces, and directing students to look for available accommodations via one of these web-based programs.

Community Shelters

  • Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, 1600 E. Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93305
  • The Mission at Kern County (Men Only), 816 East 21st Street, Bakersfield, CA. 93305
  • Alliance Against Family Violence (Secure shelter for battered women and children), (661) 322-0931

Topics to Discuss With Prospective Roommates

Below are some tips to think about before you even begin to search for a prospective roommate, and to discuss when you are ready to move forward.

  • Discuss any lifestyle issues or concerns.
  • Discuss what respective schedules are (school, work, etc.)
  • Discuss how utilities that are not covered in the monthly rent will be divided.
  • Discuss expectations of keeping your residence clean, who does what chores, how food is purchased and eaten, how loudly music should, guests, and pets.
  • Sometimes it is a good idea to put house rules in writing (contract) and all parties sign.

Proposed New Student Housing Project

BC has identified a housing need within its student population including specifically, emancipated former foster care students, veteran students, and those who are currently or imminently facing homelessness. The proposed vision is to create housing where these qualifying students, through various subsidy programs, could reside while attending the college. The 154-bed residence hall is to be located on the Bakersfield College Campus in P7 along University.

The project submitted an application to the Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program seeking project construction funding in October 2021. The BC project was determined “eligible” for project funding by the State Department of Finance for future funding Rounds 2 and 3 if funding is available. The project will be completing design in June 2022.

Digital artwork of a proposed student housing unit.
Digital artwork of corner of proposed student housing with large window.
Map showing surrounding area of proposed project site.

If you have a comments for BC about this project, please submit through our feedback form.

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