Native American Student Support & Success Program (NASSSP)

Mission: The Native American Student Support & Success Program (NASSSP) is focused on serving Native American students at Bakersfield College. NASSSP supports students in their academic, social, leadership and cultural development. NASSSP creates a home away from home environment for students and provides a community that will support them from their first year of college to their graduation.

At NASSSP, you can connect with Bakersfield College resources that enhances your academic success, learn about culturally relevant activities, and create a support network with other students who self-identify as Native American.

Vision: Bakersfield College will empower self-identified Native American students with their intellectual, leadership development, tribal sovereignty, and economic vitality to their tribal communities.


NASSSP Center of Student Success
CSS 2nd Floor, Room 155
(661) 395-4979

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  • Mentoring
  • Student Support
    • Educational Advisor 
    • General Questions
    • Preparing you for the semester
    • Cultural Workshops
    • Transfer Pathways
    • Financial Support
    • Basic Needs resources
    • Student Workers
    • Safe Zone for Native Americans
  • Resources Referrals
  • Workshops
  • Career Development
  • Tribal Community


  • K-12 pathways to and through Bakersfield College
  • Vocational Certificates
  • Next step for students transfers to the UC and the CSU systems
  • Pendleton Stole


  • Individualized professional academic coaching – assistance with building connections and navigating campus life
  • Mentioning from upper-class Native students
  • Opportunities to enhance study skills
  • Connections to campus resources including Peer Assisted Learning and tutoring
  • Campus Tours for Pathways


  • Native American Club (The First Renegades)
  • Tribal Organization Mentors
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Campus Voice for Native American
  • Tribal Partnerships
  • Tribal Elders Relationship


  • Students on Site (leadership)
  • Opportunities to participate in cultural activities and events such as beading, ribbon skirt, ribbon shirt making and moccasin making workshops, and cultural food exchanges
  • Participate in NASSSP a one-day program that prepares incoming Native American students to start the school year successfully and develop a network of support with their native peers and support staff
  • Culture and language workshops
  • Community support programs


Local sites of tribes and organizations:

Frequently Asked Questions



Johnny Nieto, Program Manager