TRIO Student Support Services

Teacher at front of class.

Attention: Students Pursuing Teaching as a Career

Teachers are in high demand! If you are planning on teaching as a career at pre-school, elementary, high school or college level, the TRIO SSS grant at Bakersfield College can offer you extra academic, personal, and transfer support!

Eligible students will be pursuing teaching as a career AND planning to transfer with a degree to be considered for this grant support.



TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded outreach program designed to:

  • motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • promote educational success, retention, and persistence.
  • provide opportunities for low-income, first-generation college students and students with disabilities from diverse backgrounds.


  • Priority Registration
  • UC and CSU Campus Tours
  • Quick access to personalized
    • Academic Advising
    • Career Planning
    • Transfer Assistance
  • Financial Aid Information, Group Workshops, One-on-One support
  • Teaching-related Workshops / Conferences
  • Academic Tutoring and Study Skills Support
  • Test-taking tutorials and practice tests (CBEST, CSET, and more)


Participate in TRIO SSS to get additional support to help you achieve your goals of getting a degree at BC, transferring, and pursuing a career in teaching! Apply TODAY to determine your eligibility for the program. If you are a current TRIO SSS participant, reapplying is unnecessary. Check your BC email for information sent from

2024-2025 Applications

Our applications for 2024-2025 are now open:

TRIO Student Support Services Application


To be eligible for the TRIO program, you must be pursuing, with an intent to complete, a degree or certificate at Bakersfield College and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • First Generation (neither parent/parental figure has earned a four-year degree)
  • Low Income (Qualify for Federal student financial assistance)
  • Disabled (Other eligibility requirements may apply.)
  • First-time freshman with less than 30 units

A student may be selected to participate in a TRIO Student Support Services program if the student meets all of the following requirements:

  • Is a citizen or national of the United States or meets the residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance
  • Is enrolled at Bakersfield College or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term
  • Has a need for academic support as indicated on application
  • Plans to pursue a career in teaching
  • Plans to graduate from Bakersfield College with an associate's degree or certificate and transfer to a 4-year institution within four (4) years

TRIO SSS is a limited entry program. Not all eligible students are automatically accepted. Selection is based on the program's ability to best benefit students. Students already holding a degree are ineligible for services.



Academic Support

  • Academic Counseling
  • Student Education Plan Support
  • Financial Literacy Guidance
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Tutoring Services

Support System

  • Peer Coaching
  • Community Staff/Mentoring Program
  • Education Career Informational Workshops

Student Responsibilities

  • Attend a TRIO orientation meeting.
  • Sign TRIO student contract annually.
  • Meet with an education advisor at least *three (3) times per semester.
  • Participate in at least *one (1) Education Pathway sponsored activity per semester.
  • Attend at least *two (2) financial aid/financial literacy workshops per semester.
  • Attend additional required meetings and activities as assigned by TRIO staff.
  • Maintain satisfactory progress toward a transferrable degree and stay on track to complete a degree from BC within four years.
  • Submit required grade checks to TRIO staff when requested.
  • Submit “TRIO Attendance Reflection Form” for all events, activities, workshops, advising, or other TRIO-related sessions attended.
  • Respond to TRIO emails, phone calls, texts, and other communications in a timely manner (within 1 week or sooner).
  • Maintain a professional relationship with TRIO SSS faculty, staff, peer mentors, and tutors.
  • Abide by the BC Standards of Student Conduct.

Contact TRIO staff for all of the following:

  • teaching career pathway changes
  • registration and class changes
  • major, degree, transfer changes
  • intent to withdraw from TRIO program
  • all personal contact information changes
  • other information related to your TRIO participation

* Required number of visits may vary. Please follow the required guidelines provided by the TRIO staff each semester.



Questions? Email or call (661) 395-4620