Johnny Nieto

Program Manager, Native American Student Support & Success Program (NASSSP)


He-Yuk, my name is Johnny Nieto,

I am an enrolled member of the Tule River Yokuts Tribe and from the Tule River Indian Reservation, CA. Being raised and groomed on an Indian Reservation was difficult, but possible to build growth for your tribe and yourself. I was raised without/very little water and electricity at our home on the Rez, that is what makes me appreciate and not take for granted your norm of utilities. Also, being a trailblazer and example for my tribe in a positive influence is a very difficult task, why, because you must educate and push forward with your people.

My goals growing up on the Rez were to get my higher education and be a tribal leader. Those goals have been completed by getting my associate in business management from Moorpark College, CA, and my bachelor’s in business management from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK.

After getting my education, I moved back home to the Tule River Indian Reservation and became a Teacher at our Tribal School at the time. Then, I was fortunate enough to accomplish my main goal of being elected as a tribal leader for my tribe, at our eligible age of 25 for a 2-year term in 2018-2020. I was very lucky to accomplish my goal from my elders and community, becoming the President/CEO of our Tule River Economic Development Corporation and being a part of the Eagle Mountain Casino Gaming Authority Board with other roles outside of the tribe to be a Tribal Advocate.

Currently, I own two businesses Our Indigenous Traditions, a clothing line, and Social Marketing Nation, LLC- a digital marketing company. Also, I am a Board Member of the Bakersfield American Indian Health Project (BAIHP), from a referral program to an Urban Indian Health Clinic. I am very excited and motivated to pilot the Native American Student Support & Success Program (NASSSP) at Bakersfield College, as it is on our tribe’s ancestral land, and to develop tribal leaders for Indian Country.