Applying Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCC Apply?
California has created an application that is used by all California Community Colleges. It is called CCC Apply.
What if I clicked Sign Out & Finish instead of Continue and Activate Your College Account?
Clicking Sign Out & Finish will return you to the Bakersfield College web site. You should receive an email shortly after you apply with a link to create a college account.
What happens if I didn't click Sign Out & Finish and didn't get an email?
If you did not get an email, you may have entered an incorrect email address into the application or the email could be in your email's SPAM folder. You can go to the Application Lookup where you can enter your Last Name, last 4 of your SSN and Date of Birth to return to your application and click Activate my Account.
What happens if the Application Lookup link doesn't work?
This may mean that you did not finish your application or that there is a typo in your last name, SSN, or date of birth. You can contact Admissions and Records Records at or (661) 395-4301 for more help.
I'm having difficulty filling out the CCCApply application, and it looks like a technical error. What should I do?
CCCApply has a 24/7/365 student help desk.
Phone: (877) 247-4836
I don't have a Social Security Number, ITIN or Tax ID
If you do not have a SSN, ITIN or Tax ID, visit or call Admission & Records (661) 395-4301 to obtain a "B" Number. The B number can be used in place of the SSN/ITIN/Tax ID on the application for Bakersfield College.