Former/Returning Students

Former students have been enrolled in Bakersfield College classes in the past, but not in the current semester.

Step 1: Update

Attended BC before 1987

If you attended Bakersfield College before 1987, complete enrollment as a new student.

Attended BC in 1987 or after

If you attended Bakersfield College in 1987 or after, complete the update form online by logging in to InsideBC. From the MyBanWeb menu at the top of the screen, choose Update Form.

How to Update Form

Forgot ID and/or Email?

  • Go to InsideBC
    - this link can be found on the top left of our website in the blackbar
  • Click Forgot Password
  • Click forgot password again
  • When prompted, enter your:
    • Last name
    • Last four of your Social Security Number
    • Date of Birth
  • You will be prompted with your security Question. As long as you can answer the question you can change the password.
  • You should now receive your ID number and email.

Former students that do not yet have a Bakersfield College email address, or the ability to log on to InsideBC, complete the application in step 1 of the Enrollment Steps.

Step 2: Orientation

Complete if you have not already attended orientation. If you have never attended an orientation, you are expected to participate in orientation before placement.

Attend the Online Orientation

Step 3: Placement

You must participate in placement if you plan to:

  • take an English, Math, or other class with prerequisites
  • earn a degree
  • earn a certificate
  • transfer

Placement is based on your US high school records or by self-guided placement depending upon your records. More information about how placement works can be found at Placement.

For your placement, make an appointment with Counseling.

Students can request English as a Second Language assessment by calling 395-4479 and accommodations for disabilities by calling 395-4334.

Step 4: Register for Classes

Check out our step-by-step instructions for How To Register.

Priority Registration

Priority registration is the ability to register early for the upcoming semester. In order to qualify, students must do the following:

  • Enroll in an Educational Planning course and complete an SEP.
  • Complete all matriculation components including orientation, palcement and counseling.
  • Students on disqualification must see a counselor.
  • Continued students who were registered on Monday of the 3rd week of classes are assigned early registration appointments for the following semester in the following order:
    1. Students who belong to specific groups or special programs and who have completed matriculation.
    2. Students who have completed orientation, placement, counseling, and have a student educational plan on file in descending order of the number of units completed, except that students who have completed 45 to 68 units will be first.
    3. High School seniors who have completed the early registration process.

Note: Students who have already earned a degree at Bakersfield College are eligible to register after students who have earned 45-60 units at BC.