A2MEND Student Charter

three black males posing at graduation

A2mend: Empowering Men for Success and Empowerment. Focus on Diversity: Particularly Supporting Men of Color

african american male smiling at graduationObjectives

  • Academically you will need to take Math and English the first year
  • Graduation and Beyond: Help men graduate and excel in all areas of life
  • Overcoming Barriers: Acknowledge ongoing challenges and strive for progress
  • Leveraging Experience: Embrace the wisdom gained as we mature
  • Supportive Resources
    • Book Vouchers: Access to educational materials for growth
    • Meal Vouchers: Assistance for essential needs
    • Listening Ear: Providing compassionate and empathetic support
    • Community: Fostering a network of encouragement and understanding
    • Tailored Program: Designed specifically for men's success and empowerment
    • Laptop/Chromebook (if you need one)

Guest Speakers and Perspective

  • Diverse Insights: Inviting speakers to share various viewpoints on the journey to manhood
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Exploring different aspects and experiences
  • Inspiring Narratives: Learning from those who have navigated similar paths
  • Empowering Men of Color
    • Maintaining Motivation: Ensuring sustained enthusiasm for personal growth
    • Successful Graduation: Guiding men to achieve their educational goals
    • Becoming Assets: Helping men contribute positively to all aspects of life

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A2MEND Interest Form

A2MEND Eligibility, Requirements and Power Hour Schedule

Eligibility & Requirements


  • Currently Enrolled at BC
  • Complete FAFSA or Dream Act


  • Attend Power Hour series (Monday at 1:00p)
  • Connect with Counselor/Advisor 1x per month
  • Participate in A2MEND events and State-wide conferences

A2MEND Power Hour (Fall 2022)

The A2MEND Power Hour series is designed to empower, motivate, connect members with resources and skills to increase student success. These meetings will include check-ins, social-emotional lessons, and LUNCH!

Day: Mondays
Time: 12:50 PM
Location: Fireside Room

Aug 29th - A2MEND Welcome

Getting Plugged In

Sept 12th - Opportunity - Freedom - Self-Respect

What gives & What takes from the three

Sept 26th - Getting Plugged In w/ GUEST SPEAKER

Oct 10th - Code Switching

Learning to "Be You" in every situation

Oct 24th - Getting Plugged in w/ GUEST SPEAKER

Nov 7th - Tearing Off Labels

4 steps to tearing off labels

Nov 21st - Desire - Time - Effort

Focusing your time and effort to overcome obstacles and barriers


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