2025 African American Pre-Commencement Celebration

We are excited to celebrate the 9th annual African American Pre-Commencement here at Bakersfield College. The pre-commencement celebration honor African American students who have successfully completed their degree or certificate from Bakersfield College. During the event, each graduate will walk across the stage as his/her name is announced and will be draped in a Kente Cloth.

The Kente Cloth, developed in Ghana, is associated with class and royal status. The Kente communicates identity, community, and pride. It is seen as a source of strength, power, and the achievement of high education.


  • Date: May, 2025
  • Time: TBD
    (Grads to arrive by TBD)
  • Place: TBD


RSVP for the Annual African American Pre-Commencement Celebration

Registration Deadline - TBD

If you have any questions or need further information, please call (661) 395-4509.

Additional Information

Don't forget to RSVP to the Commencement Ceremony by TBD! Submit your Candidacy for Graduation to the BC Admissions office.


  • Check-in/light refreshments
  • Draping
  • Group picture
  • Check-in for BC Commencement
  • BC Commencement Program for All Graduates

2019 African American Graduates in Umoja sashes.

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