Alternative (Alt) Text tells a screen reader what is in the image.

Tips for writing alt-text:

  • Alt-text depends upon the context and surrounding text.
  • Make it descriptive and succinct of the meaning the image conveys.
  • Keep it to 100 characters or less.
  • Avoid images with text, but if you have to use one, the text needs to be in the alt-text if it is not in the surrounding text.
  • Do not start with "image of" or "picture of".
  • End with a period so the screen reader will pause.
  • Do not repeat what is in the surrounding text.

Alt-text Resources

For more reading on alt-text, see these resources:


  1. Right click on the image.
  2. Select Edit Alt Text
  3. In the Alt Text pane that opens on the right, add the alt text.

Note: Do not use the automatically generated descriptions.

Right click menu
Menu with Edit Alt Text highlighted.
Alt Text side panel
Alt Text window with field.