Link text needs to be descriptive, human readable and make sense out of context. There are no minimums or maximums for link text. Making sense out of context means that the reader understands where the link leads even if they do not read the text around it.

When text is underlined, even in a Word document, it is recognized that it is a link. Therefore, do not underline words that are not links, such as, headings or for emphasis. For emphasis, use bold or italic.

Link Examples

Bad Link Text

  • Click Here
  • More
  • More information
  • Read more
  • Link to
  • https://www.bakersfieldcollege/edu/accessibility-center/index.html

Good Link Text

  • Presentation on Accessibility
  • More on Accessibility
  • Measure J Projects
  • Renegades Sweep the Finals
  • WebAIM
  • Bakersfield College Accessibility Center

For more information about accessible links, read Link Text and Appearance from WebAIM.


  1. Select your descriptive text.
  2. On your keyboard, press control (mac: command) and k keys at the same time (or right click and select hyperlink).
  3. On the Webpage or File tab, insert the link in the Address field.

Editing Link Text

If you have already added a link and the link text does not meet the “Good Link Text” description, you can edit it by:

  1. Right click the link
  2. Select Edit Hyperlink (Mac Hyperlink > Edit Hyperlink)
  3. Edit the text in the Text to display field of the dialog box.
  4. Click OK.
PowerPoint for Windows
Hyperlink window in PowerPoint for Windows.
PowerPoint for Mac
Hyperlink window in PowerPoint for Mac.