Accessibility Checkers

A word of caution on accessibility validators/checkers. They catch some mistakes, but they cannot replace human review. For instance, they can check if you are using headers in the wrong order, but cannot check if you missed tagging a heading as such. If you find yourself bolding 1-3 words at the top of a paragraph or list, it is probably a heading and needs the appropriate tag. Definitely use validators/checkers, but in addition to reviewing the content for accessibility.

Web page checkers

These validators or checkers help catch accessibility errors on your web pages.

Document Checkers

Unfortunately, there are no free document checkers. However, there are tools within Word, PowerPoint, and Acrobat for checking your documents for accessibility.

Word Accessibility Checker

Word for Mac:

  1. Select Tools > Check Accessibility.
  2. Results will appear in a panel on the right with recommendations for corrections.

Tools menu on a Mac.



PowerPoint Accessibility Checker

PowerPoint Windows

  1. Select File > Info.
  2. Select Check for Issues dropdown.
  3. Select Check Accessibility.

File window with the selections circled.

PowerPoint for Mac

  1. Select the Review Tab.
  2. Select Check accessibility.

Reveiw menu.

Errors appear in a panel on the right. Open the error with the arrow on the left of the error. Clicking the object of the error will take you to the slide and highlight the issue. Information on correcting the issue will also appear in the panel.

Word for Windows Pane

Shows errors and where to get more information.

Word for Mac Pane

Showing errors in the inspection results.