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Cost of Program

Lower Division Coursework

$46.00 per unit

Upper Division Coursework

$46.00 per unit Lower Division level fee
$84 per unit Baccalaureate level fee
= $130 per unit

Additional costs will be incurred for parking, books, required course materials, and college fees.

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.



General Education courses meeting CSU General Education Pattern are required to graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Automation.

Freshman Fall

  • ELET B1A Basic Electronics (DC)
  • ELET B3 Programmable Logic Controllers
  • INDR 12 Introduction to Drafting and CAD
  • POLS B1 American Government [GE]
  • MATH B1A Precalculus I [GE]

Freshman Spring

  • ELET B4 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • ELET B1B Electronic Circuits (AC and Analog)
  • ENGL B1A Expository Composition [GE]
  • ART B4 Two-Dimensional Design [GE]
  • COMM B8 Small Group Communication [GE]

Sophomore Fall

  • ELET B58 Advanced PLCs
  • ELET B55A Electric Motors - Controls
  • CRPS B5 Plant Science [GE]
  • HIST B17A History of the United States [GE]
  • COMM B5 Argumentation and Debate [GE]

Sophomore Spring

  • ELET B56 Instrumentation and Process Control
  • ELET B61 Telecommunications
  • PHYS B2A General Physics-Mechanics & Heat [GE]
  • Technical Electives:
    • ELET B70 or MFGT B1AB or WELD B1A
    • WELD B1B or AUTO B20


Junior Fall

  • INDA B100 Industrial Design Graphics I
  • INDA B110 Industrial Automation Networks
  • INDA B114 Industrial Safety [OL]
  • INDA B125 Operations Management [OL]
  • ENGL B100 Technical Writing

Junior Spring

  • INDA B105 Materials Science for Technician
  • INDA B120 Industrial Automation Systems
  • INDA B135 Economic Decision Making [OL]
  • INDA B140 Quality Management [OL]
  • ECON B1 Principles of Economics - Micro [GE]

Senior Fall

  • INDA B122 Motion & Process Control
  • PSYC B1A General Psychology
  • INDA B132 Project Management [OL]
  • PHIL B10 Introduction to Ethics [GE]
  • PSYC B100 Industrial & Organizational Psych

Senior Spring

  • INDA B143 Maintenance Management [OL]
  • INDA B144 Leadership [OL]
  • INDA B150 Systems Design & Integration
  • SPAN B1 Elementary Spanish I [GE]
  • PHIL B100 Industry Ethics

Education Planning

Success in the Baccalaureate Degree Program is best achieved by having a well-defined education plan. Meet with a counselor each semester to create and update your education plan based on your cohort as outlined in the curriculum.

  • [GE] General Education
  • [OL] Online Course

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