Industrial Automation FAQ's

What is the Industrial Automation Bachelor of Science degree program?

The Industrial Automation program trains individuals in the design, manufacturing, and repair of automation systems. Graduates of the program are critically important to medium and large-scale companies who need those employees to fill the skills gap in the automotive, logistics, agriculture, distribution, and manufacturing sectors in the region.

What is the Cost to Attend Bakersfield College's Industrial Automation program?

Estimate cost of tuition is $10,000 compared to $55,600 for a UC and $22,968 to attend a CSU.

When are students able to start the program?

Students are eligible to begin taking the lower division coursework at the beginning of every semester (twice per year). Student are accepted into the upper division program each fall semester.

How many students are granted entry into the program each filling period?

We can accept 30 upper division students per year currently.

What companies have hired your previous graduates?

We have graduates working at several locations. Among them; Berry Petroleum, GAF, Tyrion Integration, Wonderful Pistachios, JG Boswell, Tasteful Selections, and Bakersfield College.

What has been the starting salary for previous graduates?

Average salary for program graduates: $51,000

Is there an increase in jobs forecasted in the area of industrial automation?

Yes, between 2014 and 2023 labor market projections show a 21% increase in Kern County and the region that Bakersfield College supports.