The study of English allows students to explore the critical role language and literature play in the shaping of human culture and social experience. We read and write in order to encounter, understand, and ultimately help change the world. Through this program, students develop critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills necessary for success in both academic and professional settings.

What is the Study of English?

Those who study English believe that an intense concern for words, ideas, and images helps people understand who they are and who they can become. Writing helps us clarify and share our thoughts. Literature helps us contemplate the pains and joys of human existence. Through the study of English, we see life’s complexity, experience life as others do, and better understand the world in which we live and work.

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Is the English Major right for Me?

An English Associate in Arts for Transfer Degree can benefit a wide range of individuals who are interested in improving their communication, critical thinking, and writing skills. This degree is particularly suited for individuals who enjoy reading, analyzing literature, and have a passion for writing. Students who pursue this degree may be interested in careers in fields such as writing, journalism, publishing, public relations, teaching, or law. Additionally, an English degree can provide a strong foundation for students who wish to pursue further education in fields such as English, Creative Writing, Communications, or Journalism at a four-year institution. Ultimately, anyone who wants to develop their language skills and strengthen their ability to communicate effectively in various contexts can benefit from an English Associate in Arts Degree.

Here are some key traits and skills that can make someone a good fit for studying English:

  • Strong reading and comprehension skills
  • A passion for literature, poetry, and creative writing
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Attention to detail and the ability to pay close attention to grammar, syntax, and spelling
  • The ability to conduct independent research and analysis
  • Good time management and organizational skills to meet deadlines
  • A willingness to revise and edit written work
  • Creativity and the ability to think outside the box
  • A desire to continue learning and expanding their knowledge of the English language and literature.

English Degree

English Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer

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Careers for English Majors

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An English Associate in Arts Degree can prepare graduates for a variety of careers in fields such as writing, editing, journalism, public relations, and education. Here are some specific examples of careers that someone with an English Associate in Arts Degree may pursue:

  1. Writer: Writers create original written content for various mediums, including books, magazines, websites, and advertising. They often work as freelancers or are employed by publishing houses, media outlets, or advertising agencies.
  2. Journalist: Journalists investigate and report on news and current events for print, online, or broadcast media outlets. They may write articles, conduct interviews, and research stories.
  3. Public Relations Specialist: Public relations specialists work to maintain and enhance the public image of organizations, companies, or individuals. They write press releases, speeches, and other materials to communicate with the public and media.
  4. Technical Writer: Technical writers create documentation and instructional materials for products, software, or processes. They must be able to communicate technical information in an understandable and concise manner.
  5. Editor: Editors review and revise written material for clarity, accuracy, and style. They may work for publishing houses, magazines, newspapers, or online content providers.
  6. Teacher: An English Associate Degree can prepare students for a career in teaching, such as a tutor, teaching assistant, or substitute teacher. Further education and certification are required to become a full-time teacher.
  7. Advertising Copywriter: Advertising copywriters create written content for advertising campaigns, including slogans, headlines, and product descriptions. They work for advertising agencies, marketing firms, or directly for companies.
  8. Freelance Writer/Editor: Freelance writers and editors work on a contract basis, producing written content or providing editorial services for various clients.
  9. Social Media Manager: Social media managers create and manage content for social media platforms on behalf of companies or individuals. They write posts, articles, and blogs to attract and engage followers.
  10. Law Clerk: An English Associate Degree can be a good foundation for students interested in pursuing a career in law. They can work as a law clerk or legal assistant, performing research, drafting legal documents, and providing administrative support to lawyers.

Additionally, an English Associate Degree can provide a strong foundation for students who wish to pursue further education in fields such as English, Creative Writing, Communications, or Journalism at a four-year institution. Ultimately, the skills developed through an English Associate Degree can be applied to a wide range of careers that require strong communication, critical thinking, and writing skills.

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Beyond BC

Transfer to a University

Graduates with an Associate in Arts for Transfer or an Associate in Science for Transfer from Bakersfield College may choose to continue their education at a university to earn a 4-year degree. Students with an Associate in Arts/Science for Transfer degree are guaranteed admission with junior standing somewhere in the CSU system and given priority admission consideration to their local CSU campus or to a program that is deemed similar to their community major. See your Counselor and/or a Transfer Specialist for specific questions, options, and opportunities.

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Career & Learning Pathway: Arts, Communications, and Humanities (ACH) Pathway

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