Early College Opportunities at Regional Occupational Center

Current Pathway Opportunities


Articulated Courses

High School Courses BC Courses
Admin Office Assist./Bookkeeping/Accounting BSAD B252A - Computer Keyboarding Part 1
Admin Office Assist./Bookkeeping/Accounting BSAD B252B - Computer Keyboarding Part 2
Admin Office Assist./Bookkeeping/Accounting BSAD B252C - Computer Keyboarding Part 3
Admin Office Assist./Bookkeeping BSAD B253ABC - Document Processing Parts 1, 2 & 3
Admin Office Assist./Bookkeeping/Computer App. BSAD B264 - Ten Key Proficiency
Admin Office Assist./Bookkeeping/Computer App. BSAD B287 - Filing
Finance Lit BSAD B40 - Personal Finance
Admin Office Assistant/Bookkeeping BSAD B88 - Office Procedures
Intro to Child Growth and Development CHDV B20 - Principles and Practice
Early Childhood Education CHDV B36 - Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum
Law Enforcement CRIM B1 - Intro to Criminal Justice
Robotics Engineering ELET B1 - Basic Electronics (DC and AC)
Basic Electronics (DC) ELET B1A - Basic Electronics (DC)
Electronics B1B ELET B1B - Electronic Circuits (AC and Analog)
Intro to Electronics Tech ELET B3 - Programmable Logic Controllers
Diesl/Ag Mechanics MCAG B10 - Farm Power Diesel Repair
Diesel/Ag Mechanics MCAG B3 - Diesel/Ag Mechanics
Intro the Health Careers MEDS B60 - Medical Terminology
Nursing Assistant MEDS B69 - Nurse Assistant
Welding WELD B1A - Introduction to Oxygen Acetylene Welding and Cutting
Welding WELD B1B - Introduction to the Welding Processes


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