Starfish is a system that connects each student to their instructional faculty, as well as, a completion team, comprised of their pathway Dean/admin, department chairs for the programs in their pathway, counselor/advisor, financial aid representative, data coach, faculty from programs within the pathway, etc.

A BC Student is able to use Starfish to connect with his/her Counselor, Advisor or Faculty. They also have the ability to ask questions and create their own education plans.

Faculty use Starfish for office hours, attendance, early alert, and to answer progress surveys. Faculty also refer students to resources or individuals on campus who may be able to reach out and assist the students as needed.

Counselors and Advisors also use Starfish for office hours, attendance, and early alert. They also use it to create and/or approve education plans for students.

Support Staff use Starfish to contact students or provide support to their dean or administration.

Students access Starfish through InsideBC under the Tools menu.

Starfish Guides

Starfish FAQs

How do I log into Starfish virtually?

Starfish is available through insideBC.

  1. Log in to InsideBC (The link is on our website top left corner of your screen.)
  2. Click on the Tools menu
  3. Starfish

Do I have to be on campus to access Starfish?

No. Starfish is accessible anywhere the internet is available.

Does Starfish have a mobile app?

No, but Starfish has been working hard to make their platform mobile friendly. Allowing for pinching and zooming of the screen makes the tool more mobile friendly.

Can I receive text messages from Starfish/BC?

The only way to receive text messages from Starfish is for you to set it up on your own profile. Refer to this Student Guide to Receiving Notifications and Texts from Starfish for instructions on setting your profile to receive text messages from Starfish.

Did Starfish replace My Degree Path?

Yes. Starfish allows students to create their own ed plan, as well as connect with their counselor or advisor. See the Starfish user guides provided within this site, for instructions on how to use the tool.