Student Organization Registration

Bakersfield College has a variety of student clubs and organizations to benefit student's professional, personal, and academic growth. All students are encouraged to join or start a student org to enrich their experience at Bakersfield College and seed their growth in the Renegade Community!

Join a Student Organization (or start your own!)

Want to find out what organizations are currently active at BC? Check out the Recognized Student Organizations to see a full list of active and inactive student organizations.

Want to start a new student organization? If you don't see an existing student organization in your area and want to start a new one, reach out to Nicole Alvarez, the Student Organizations Advisor.
Nicole Alvarez (direct line): (661) 395-3549
Student Life (main line): (661) 395-4355

Before you apply or renew please review our Student Organizations Conditions and Procedures. It is the responsibility of the org to familiarize themselves with the contents of the Student Orgs Conditions and Procedures.

Starting or Renewing an Organization is Easy

  1. Find 3 BC students who can serve as President Treasurer and ICC Rep. These students must be enrolled in at least 5 units, have a 2.0 minimum GPA, and be in good standing with the college.
  2. Identify your Student Org Advisor. The advisor needs to be a full time faculty member with a vested interest in your Orgs mission.
  3. Cement the particulars (mission, meeting times, social media accounts, etc.), complete your application, and let's have some fun!

Ready to Register Your New Org (Or Renew an Existing Org)?

When you are ready to apply please complete the Student Organization Registration form.

Please note that an officer of the org should complete the form, not the org advisor. If you have any questions or need assistance with the form please contact Nicole Alvarez, Student Orgs Advisor.

The form opens April 1st and the deadline to register for the current academic year is Labor Day of each academic year.

Once your Registration Form has been submitted, if you have a change in officers during the academic year, please submit the Officer Update Form.