Student Organizations Conditions and Procedures

At Bakersfield College (BC), Student Organizations serve a valuable and educational function offering students the opportunity to join in academic, professional, honor, political, service, social, cultural and/or spiritual groups. Student Organizations (Student organizations) allow students to assume various leadership roles that provide insight to further the mission of the group and contribute to the personal development and enjoyment of members within the context of the broader teaching, research, and service missions of BC. These opportunities offer students a chance to become more involved with their campus community, adding an experiential component to their educational co-curricular experience.

BCSGA has established a process to define the basis of the relationship between the Office of Student Life, the College, Kern Community College District (KCCD), and the respective Student organizations and the responsibilities and privileges afforded to registered Student organizations. The registration process serves many purposes. First, it offers structure by providing parameters in which organizations can function. It spells out responsibilities for groups that the College expects them to fulfill. Secondly, it establishes a communication pattern between organizations and the Office of Student Life and Bakersfield College Student Government Association (BCSGA) that may support and add stability to organizations. Finally, it outlines consequences for Student organizations that choose not to exist in accordance with these conditions.

The Office of Student Life and BCSGA are committed to the belief that students have the right and privilege to organize and participate in groups whose purposes center around the interests and goals of the individuals involved and contribute to co-curricular life on campus. Though Student organizations can function on campus and enhance campus life, neither the Office of Student Life, nor BCSGA, nor the College assumes responsibility for the organization. The Office of Student Life nor the College will assume any financial responsibility for any organization, nor extend insurance coverage to its members.

A registered Student organization is responsible for conducting its affairs in a responsible manner consistent with the policies and procedures of KCCD Board Policies, the College, the BC Standards of Student Conduct, and these Student organization conditions and procedures. Registered Student organizations will be held accountable for the action and behavior of their members and/or guests at their functions and travel.

It is the responsibility of the student organization Membership to familiarize themselves with the contents of Student organization conditions and procedures and related policies. Officers and the Advisor should take responsibility to inform others in the organization about the conditions and procedures affecting the group. Any changes in officers, advisor, and/or constitution should be promptly submitted to the Office of Student Life.

Conditions and Procedures


(Adapted from Metropolitan State College of Denver’s Student Organization Handbook, 2003; Colorado State University-Pueblo Student Organization Survival Guide Manual, 2012)