Academic Integrity

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Bakersfield College has the responsibility to ensure that the grades assigned are indicative of the knowledge and skill level of each student. Acts of academic dishonesty make it impossible to fulfill this responsibility, and they weaken our society. Faculty, students, administrators, and classified staff share responsibility for ensuring academic honesty in our college community and will make a concerted effort to fulfill the following responsibilities.

Any test, paper, or assignment submitted that bears BC students' name is presumed to be the own original work that has not previously been submitted for credit in another course unless you obtain prior written approval to do so from the instructor.

In many assignments, including homework, drafts of papers, or oral presentations, students may use words or ideas written by other individuals in publications, websites, or other sources, but only with proper citation. For example, if citing from a published source or from a website and the quotation is short (up to a sentence or two) place it in quotation marks with proper parenthetical documentation. Ensure the assignment is written in the writing style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) expressed by the professor of the course or stated within the syllabus or rubric of the assignment.

Using generative artificial intelligence (generative artificial intelligence) tools threatens the integrity of students’ work, and therefore the value of the student’s education. BC expects students to not use generative artificial intelligence tools to generate answers unless students have been explicitly told that they may. Use of generative artificial intelligence tools can constitute a number of forms of academic misconduct. It could be:

  • plagiarism (because you are relying on a source that you have not identified)
  • commissioning (because you are relying on work produced by another person - the company who owns the AI software)
  • fabrication (if the AI makes up data or experiences that you then rely on)

In the context of online exams, use of generative artificial intelligence will be treated as cheating. BC assumes that, by submitting a piece of work, students are representing that work as their own and not the product of generative artificial intelligence use or others. BC reserves the right to treat generative artificial intelligence use as a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct.

If a student is not clear about the expectations for completing an assignment or taking a test, be sure to seek clarification from the instructor beforehand. For more assistance in your writing, the BC Writing Center is available to support work and guide you through the writing process.

Finally, students should keep in mind that as a member of the Bakersfield College academic community, students are expected to demonstrate integrity in all their academic endeavors and will be evaluated on their own merits. Students should be proud of their academic accomplishments and help protect and promote academic integrity at Bakersfield College. The consequences of cheating and academic dishonesty—including a formal written warning, possible loss of grade—are simply not worth it.

Sample Syllabus Statement:

You will act with academic Integrity: Cheating, generative artificial intelligence, fabricating, or falsifying information or sources, improper collaboration, submitting the same paper for different classes without permission, and plagiarism are all forms of academic dishonesty. Plagiarism occurs when writers and speakers deliberately or unintentionally use another person's language, ideas, or materials and present them as their own without properly acknowledging and citing the source. Academic dishonesty and/or plagiarism in this course will result in one or more of the following consequences: failure of the assignment, and referral to the Dean of Students. In this course, most often, your instructor will require oral citation of paraphrased material. Cite sources carefully, completely, and meticulously; when in doubt, cite. Familiarize yourself with the Standards of Student Conduct (KCCD Board Policy 5500) and BC definitions of plagiarism and cheating.

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