Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

Bakersfield College is committed to fostering a learning environment that is safe, conducive to academic success and supportive of healthy personal development for all members of the campus community. Staff, faculty, and students at Bakersfield College share responsibility for maintaining this environment by following college policies and exemplifying respect for others.

In accordance with Title IX and other local, state, and federal laws, and consistent with Bakersfield College's commitment to zero tolerance for sexual misconduct, any type of sexual misconduct are taken seriously and is investigated by the College. Sexual misconduct includes gender inequity as well as all forms of sexual misconduct including sexual harassment, stalking, sexual assault, and other acts of sexual violence. The College will take prompt action to eliminate sexual misconduct, address its effects, educate the population, and aim to prevent its recurrence.

All college employees, with limited exceptions for those with “legal privilege,” have a duty to report crimes to any of the following offices:

  1. Department of College Safety 
  2. Department of Human Resources 
  3. The Office of Student Life  

Bakersfield College's Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinator are responsible for ensuring compliance with Title IX standards. These responsibilities include preventing sexual misconduct through education and training, overseeing grievance protocol. Reports regarding any form of sexual misconduct can also be made to the Title IX Coordinator or to the Deputy Title IX Coordinator. All concerns and complaints will be taken seriously and addressed promptly

Kern Community College District Title IX Coordinator is the College's official with responsibility for coordinating Bakersfield College's efforts to comply with and carry out our responsibilities under Title IX and all associated regulations, including the investigation of Title IX complaints. The Title IX Coordinator oversees and coordinates the actions of all Deputy Title IX Coordinators. To file a complaint against a Bakersfield College student, staff, or faculty for sex discrimination or any form of sexual misconduct including harassment, stalking, or assault, you should contact the Department of College Safety.


Title IX Information