Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is the official resource that defines the College's expectations for student life on campus. These are the policies and practices that allow us to collaboratively work alongside each other, to respectfully respond to conflicts with one another, and to resolve violations of our Code of Student Conduct in ways that emphasize learning and personal accountability. The Student Handbook, also known as the Renegade Calendar Planner, is written and issued by the Office of Student Life.

Students are expected to read, understand and comply with the provisions of the Student Handbook and to be guided by the spirit of the standards. The contents of this handbook supersede and revoke all prior statements of policy concerning matters contained in student handbooks from previous years. If this student handbook does not address a matter of interest to you, or if you are uncertain about something after you have read the applicable policy or guideline, contact the Director of Student Life for more information.

Along with the Bakersfield College Catalog, this handbook is one of the College's official notification of its policies, rules, regulations, and the Standards of Student Conduct. Each student is responsible for knowledge of these policies, rules, regulations, and standards of conduct; enrollment is considered as acceptance of all conditions specified in this handbook. We hope that you will take the opportunities to become familiar with the contents of both publications. It is important for you to know that the responsibility for understanding and following our policies and procedures whether it is the Standards of Student Conduct or the requirements for graduation rests entirely with you, the student.

The provisions of this handbook are not to be regarded as a contract between any student and the College. The College reserves the right to change any of the policies, rules, regulations, and standards of conduct at any time as may be necessary for the interest of the College. The College also reserves the right to modify or discontinue any of the services, programs, or activities described in this handbook. The College may reproduce or modify this handbook, or parts of it, for distribution in other formats (for example, on a Web page or in other forms for computer access or in academic department publications). As a result, students, applicants, and other users of this handbook should consult with appropriate college offices to verify the current text or status of the policies, procedures, or information contained herein and to determine whether the information in this handbook or other publications has been superseded or changed.

On behalf of the Bakersfield College faculty and staff, we wish you a successful academic year and we look forward to participating with you in the special events and programs that make Bakersfield College a uniquely special learning community, because

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