Research Laboratory Technology FAQ's

Can the Research Laboratory Technology BS degree get me into a graduate program in STEM?
No. This degree is not designed towards graduate degree pathways. It is intended to provide a good opportunity to get a job working at a company or an educational institution where they need technicians to maintain scientific instruments, prepare samples, and analyze materials.
What jobs can I get with this BS degree?

Companies and educational institutions hire technicians to prepare and analyze materials and maintain scientific instruments. These positions may have the following titles with links to more information from ONet OnLine.

Is a degree from BC in Research Laboratory Technology appropriate to get a job in a medical or clinical laboratory?
In general, these jobs require students to get a degree from an accredited Medical Laboratory Technology (MLC) or Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) program. The specific job in California may require the applicant to also be licensed. BC's Research Laboratory Technology programs are not accredited for these types of jobs.
I do not see courses listed for Fall 2023 for this degree. Can I sign up for courses?
The Associate degree program uses lower-division courses that are not listed specifically as Research Laboratory Technology courses. The Baccalaureate program has upper-division courses that cover multiple areas, and these courses will be posted for students to register as the program is starting. A counselor will contact you about these courses and your schedule after you have applied and been accepted into the program.
May I complete the Associate's degree in Research Laboratory Technology without applying to the program?
The lower-division Associate's program and upper-division Bachelor's program require students to apply to the College.
May I complete my degree online?
Some non-science courses may be available online, but with the requirement to learn hands-on how to maintain instruments and perform specialized scientific techniques, students must plan to be at Bakersfield College in person to complete this degree.