Research Laboratory Technology Application

Application Period

Upper Division

For students who meet all the lower division requirements to start immediately in the upper division program.

March 15 - July 21

Lower Division

Incoming freshmen and continuing sophomore students will be admitted to an appropriate STEM Associate's Degree Program until they meet the requirements for admission to the upper division program.

Incomplete applications will not be considered for selection. You must follow all of the steps to complete your application. No application fee is required.

Step 1 Apply to BC

If you are not a current BC student:

Apply to Bakersfield College.

Follow all of the steps including filling out the application at CCCApply.

Step 2 Apply to the Program

During the appropriate application period for your division as outlined above, submit the

Baccalaureate Degree Program application.

Upper Division: March 15-July 1 Lower Division: March 15-Aug. 21

Step 3 Submit Transcripts

For Bakersfield College Coursework

Submit with your application either your unofficial or official Bakersfield College transcript showing all prerequisite courses posted.

Bakersfield College transcripts must be received by the Baccalaureate Degree Program office prior to the last day of the appropriate application period.

For Other College Coursework

If you have taken courses from any college other than Bakersfield College, have your college transcript(s) evaluated.

  1. Order an official copy of your transcripts from your previous college(s).
  2. Submit the Official copy of your transcripts along with a “Request for Evaluation” to the office of Admissions and Records in the Administration Building.
  3. Once your transcripts have been evaluated and posted to your Bakersfield College transcripts, either order an official copy to be sent from the Admission and Records office to the Baccalaureate Degree Program or print your unofficial transcript and submit along with Application Form to the Baccalaureate Degree Program during the appropriate application period for your division.

Transcript evaluation can take up to 24 weeks and must be completed and received by the Baccalaureate Degree Program office prior to the end of the application period.