Fire Protection Research Activities

A research paper is required in each of the core fire technology classes. In an effort to assist students in writing excellent research papers the fire technology program has invested in the development of a Fire Technology Research Library. The library is open during normal office hours.

Research Library

The library contains text books covering all the core fire tech. classes. NFPA Fire Codes, ICC Fire Codes, California Fire Codes, UL Standards, and many many other text on code interpretations, and fire protection systems. In addition there are fire engineering magazines, technical research articles and much more. We have a desk and computer access to the internet for doing online research to assist in completing your research papers.

Policy On Library Use

The research material contained in the library can only be used in the library, no books or other material etc. can be checked out of the library. So students please take advantage of this excellent resource, which is available to all Kern Community College Fire Technology students.