Fire Technology

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The Fire Technology Associate in Arts degree program offered by Bakersfield College is a comprehensive two-year program designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to pursue a career in the fire service industry.

Students will learn about fire behavior, fire prevention, building construction, fire suppression tactics, emergency medical services, hazardous materials management, and more. The program offers a mix of classroom lectures and hands-on training. Graduates of the program will be prepared for entry-level positions in the fire service industry or to continue their education at a four-year institution. Bakersfield College also offers many certificate programs to further enhance students’ fire technology knowledge.

What is Fire Technology?

Fire technology is a field that involves the study and application of fire science, fire prevention, fire protection, and fire suppression techniques. It is a multidisciplinary field that covers a broad range of topics, including fire behavior, fire dynamics, fire investigation, fire safety, and emergency management. Fire technology professionals work to prevent, detect, and mitigate fires, as well as to educate the public on fire safety and preparedness. They may work in a variety of settings, including fire departments, government agencies, private companies, and consulting firms, and may hold positions such as firefighters, fire inspectors, fire investigators, fire engineers, or fire protection specialists.

Is Studying Fire Technology Right for Me?

A fire technology degree is well-suited for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the fire service industry. This may include individuals who have a strong desire to help people and make a difference in their communities, as well as those who are passionate about public safety and emergency management. The degree may also be beneficial for individuals who have a background in science or engineering and are looking to apply their knowledge in a practical and hands-on way. Additionally, individuals who enjoy physical activity, problem-solving, and working in a team-based environment may find the fire technology field to be a rewarding career path.

There are several key traits and skills that would make someone a good fit for studying fire technology, including:

  • Physical fitness
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving skills

Fire Technology Degrees and Certificates

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Fire Technology Careers

There are a variety of careers that someone can pursue with a fire technology associate degree. Some potential career paths include:

  • Firefighter: As a firefighter, individuals work to respond to fires, medical emergencies, and other disasters, as well as perform fire prevention and safety inspections.
  • Fire inspector: Fire inspectors conduct inspections of buildings and other structures to ensure that they meet safety codes and regulations. They may also investigate fires to determine their cause and origin.
  • Fire investigator: Fire investigators analyze evidence and investigate fires to determine their cause and origin. They work closely with law enforcement agencies and may testify in court.
  • Fire protection specialist: Fire protection specialists work to develop and implement fire safety plans and protocols for organizations and facilities. They may also conduct fire safety training for employees and the public.
  • Emergency medical technician (EMT): EMTs provide emergency medical care and transportation to patients in need. They may work for fire departments, ambulance services, or hospitals.
  • Fire science educator: With additional education, graduates of a fire technology associate degree program may pursue a career in fire science education, teaching courses on fire safety, prevention, and suppression.

Academic Department: Public Safety Training

Career & Learning Pathway: Public Safety Training (PST) Pathway

Courses: Fire Technology (FIRE)

Fire Fighter Academy

Learn more about Fire Fighter Academy I (FIRE B62) requirements and application.

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