Physical Science

The Bakersfield College Physical Science Department encompasses a large number of fields. Courses within these fields are taken by those who are preparing for a career in science or engineering, those who are fulfilling a General Education science requirement, and those simply wishing to learn about one or more of these fields.


Phone: (661) 395-4824 | Location: Science and Engineering (SE)

Department Chair: Ximena Da Silva Tavares | (661) 395-4072 | Office: SE 343

Pathway: STEM Pathway

CHEM B2a Challenge Exam

A CHEM B2a Challenge Exam is offered for students that have taken High School Chemistry and would like to bypass taking this prerequisite for CHEM B1a and/or to receive credit for CHEM B2a based on their prior knowledge of the material. More information and registration can be found at CHEM B2a Challenge Exam.


The mission of our department is to provide the rigorous science foundation necessary for students to achieve the skills, knowledge, intellectual curiosity and scientific literacy essential for a wide range of professional or technical careers.

The department fulfills the primary missions of community colleges by providing support to academic (science and engineering) education and workforce development/vocational programs (nursing and teacher preparation). Hands on laboratory skills are a critical component for the development of critical thinking skills in many of our courses. The department primarily offers transfer level courses designed to satisfy the needs of science majors, allied health students, college general education requirements, and liberal studies teacher credential programs.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of and recognize the processes that explain natural phenomena
  2. Apply the methodologies of science when approaching a problem
  3. Apply logical quantitative and qualitative reasoning in solving problems or analyzing arguments


General Education Patterns

There are five patterns BC students can follow to complete their general education requirements for graduation from Bakersfield College or successfully transfer to a CSU or UC. Find your pattern at General Education Patterns.