CHEM B2A Challenge Exam

The CHEM B2a Challenge Exam is offered on specified dates for students that have a BC ID and e-mail address. It consists of two parts. The first day is a multiple-choice test. Students that pass the first part of the exam will be notified by e-mail and given the opportunity to attempt the second part of the exam. The second half consists of a lab practical, essays, and written chemistry problems. Both sections must be passed in order to meet the pre-requisite and/or receive credit for CHEM B2a.

Exam Dates Fall 2024

  • Registration by September 21, 2024 was required
  • Part 1 - Saturday, September 28, 2024
  • Part 2 -  Saturday, October 5, 2024
  • Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early with your BC-Issued photo ID. No other form of identification will be accepted.
  • Check back in teh Fall for more exam dates.

Exam Details

The date for the next CHEM B2a Challenger multiple choice exam was Saturday, March 9, 2024. The date for the lab practical was Saturday, March 16, 2024. The exam began at 10:00 AM. Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early. The location was one of the four lecture halls in the general science (GS) building on the main campus.

The topics for the exam are taken from the course outline of record (COR) for CHEM B2a and include measurements, elements, atoms, ions, nomenclature, chemical reactions, chemical composition, chemical quantities, energy, modern atomic theory, chemical bonding, gases, liquids and solids, solutions, acids and bases, equilibrium, oxidation-reduction, and nuclear chemistry. There are no sample tests or organized study sessions offered. However, Students are welcome to study for the exam and to use open education resources such as LibreTexts™ Chemistry.

Day of Exam

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early with your BC-Issued photo ID. No other form of identification will be accepted.
  • Bring a pencil and non-programmable calculator.
  • All cell phones will need to be turned off and stored in a closed bag during the exam.
  • Students that leave the room during the exam will not be allowed to return.

Sign Up for the Challenge Exam

Sign ups for the exam for Spring 2024 are over. Registration is required at least one week before the first half of the exam. Please fill out the Interest Form for upcoming challenge exams.

CHEM B2a Challenge Exam Interest Form