Transfer Journey

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Although we understand that every Transfer Journey is unique, our goal is to help you transfer to the 4-year university of your choice in a timely manner. By completing the Transfer Momentum Points, you are more likely to transfer out of Bakersfield College in 2 years. You should be meeting with your pathway advisor/counselor regularly to ensure you are on track to transfer. Your Transfer Journey is unique, and you will be supported through every step of the way. 

Transfer Workshops and Events

There are several workshops and events you can attend year-round that are geared specifically to you!

Momentum Points

  • Completion of transfer level English & Math within year 1
  • Completion of 30 transferable units in year 1
  • Maintain a minimum of 2.0 transferable GPA
  • Completion of general education & lower division prep courses
  • Completion of 60 transferable units by year 2

Transfer Journey Categories

The roadmap below can help you see where you should be depending on the units you've completed and/or your time at BC. By following this Journey, you will increase your chances of transferring in two years. If this timeline and journey does not work for you, make sure you meet with an advisor to plan for your unique transfer journey.

Transfer Journey Roadmap


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  • Attend Bridge to BC (ACDV B55NC)
  • Attend Transfer Orientation
  • Decide on your Major
  • Meet with your Pathway Counselor/Advisor to create a Comprehensive Educational Plan (CSEP)
  • Personalize CSEP with major preparation courses (


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  • Complete Momentum Points:
    • Transfer-level Math & English in the first year
    • Attempt 30+ transferrable units in the first year
    • Complete 9 major units in the first year
  • Attend Transfer Day
    • Meet with university representatives
    • It's never too early to plan ahead
  • Attend Transfer Pathway Workshops


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  • Meet with your Pathway Counselor/Advisor each semester prior to registration
  • Maintain a competitive transferrable GPA
  • Research and apply to transfer universities
    • Fall Transfer Applicants
      • UC & CSU: Oct. 1- Nov. 30
    • Spring Transfer Applicants
      • CSU-Aug. 1- Aug. 31
      • UC - July 1-31
    • Submit Graduation Petition Form
  • Attend Transfer Pathway Workshops


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  • Attend Transfer Workshops- Next Steps
  • Order official Transcripts
  • Visit BC Transfer Pathways Website for upcoming events
  • Submit Transfer Application Update (Jan.1-31)
  • Sign up for Transfer Celebration Events

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