Common Application (CommonApp)

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The Common App for Transfer is an online platform used to apply to over 900 Common App member colleges. This page outlines general information to assist you in applying to a Common App member college or university you plan to transfer to, and the services available from Bakersfield College to support you.

If you have documents that need to be completed by Bakersfield College, your first step is to see a Counselor or Advisor.

Important Note: If you plan to apply and transfer to a campus of the California State University (e.g., CSU Bakersfield, Fresno State, etc.) or the University of California (e.g., UCLA, UC Berkeley, etc.), please use the respective online admission applications for these campus systems below. The Common App is not used as an application for admission at these universities.

  • California State University
  • University of California

What colleges/universities can I apply to using the Common App

Explore your possibilities in transferring to one of over 900 colleges and universities that utilize the Common App. Search for your next college or university.

I've applied to a college or university using the Common App

If you've applied to a college or university using the Common App, pay close attention to your email messages for next steps from the campus you applied to, or from the Common App application platform.

If your college or university asks for additional information or physical documents like a form to be completed that may need to be processed, signed, or verified from Bakersfield College, first, please see a Transfer Pathways Advisor in the Center for Student Success building. Advisors will make sure to make sure you've completed the application completely and have the guidance necessary to transfer.

You may also email along with your request and any attachments. *Important note: when contacting Bakersfield College, you must use your provided Bakersfield College email account. Messages from email addresses or accounts not affiliated with Bakersfield College will not be returned.

Once you've seen a Transfer Pathways Advisor to help guide the completion of the CommonApp document or form, other areas on campus will need to sign-off such as the Office of Student Life and Admissions and Records. Your Transfer Pathways Advisor will help you with next steps.

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