Upcoming Events

Students arm in arm.
The Transfer Pathways team will be hosting multiple workshops throughout the year to assist you with all of your transfer needs. Use this guide to help you navigate what workshops may be beneficial for you!

Transfer Workshops

Navigating Transfer 101

Incoming students

  • Kern Promise Introduction (High School)
  • Transfer Orienation
  • Kern Promise Application

1st YEAR 0 - 30 UNITS

  • College & Career Exploration
  • Systems of Higher Ed & GE Requirements: CSU, UC, HBCU, AICCU
  • Kern Promise Welcome

1st & 2nd YEAR 0 - 60 UNITS

  • Transfer Fair
  • UC TAP: Are you UC ready?
  • PIQ Workshops
  • HBCU Caravan
  • Transfer Budget: How to financially prepare to transfer
  • Transfer Prep: Am I ready to Transfer?
  • Financial Aid Application
  • College Visits

2nd YEAR 30 - 60 UNITS

  • CSU Workshops
  • UC Workshops
  • Common App Workshops
  • UC TAG
  • Next Steps: Academic Update
  • Next Steps: Committing to a University
  • Next Steps: Understanding your Financial Aid award letter
  • Transfer Celebration

Transfer Calendar