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Levan Institute for Lifelong Learning

About the Levan Institute

Dr. Norman Levan

The purpose of the Levan Institute is to make interesting and useful learning experiences available primarily to those 55 and over who are interested in continuing to gain knowledge throughout their lives. The Levan Institute was made possible through a generous gift by the late Dr. Norman Levan. Dr. Levan was a Distinguished Professor of Medicine and head of dermatology at USC Medical School as well as a long time Bakersfield dermatologist.

The course descriptions, class schedules and enrollment information are on this website, as well as in our schedule published in The Bakersfield Californian. You may enroll online, by phone, or by mail.

The Levan Institute Committee and I have done our best to meet your needs. We would like your input - comments and suggestions - so that we can improve the program for next time. You can provide that input by sending me an email or by filling out our survey form.

The email address is spinza@bakersfieldcollege.edu.

Best wishes for an enjoyable learning experience.

Susan Pinza
Levan Institute for Lifelong Learning
Bakersfield College

Levan Institute Committee

  • Ms Maureen Buscher-Dang
  • Dr. Sonya Christian
  • Mr. Allan Krauter
  • Ms. Susan Pinza
  • Mr. Kristopher Stallworth
  • Mrs. Terri Stanton
  • Ms. Kathy Rosellini
  • Dr. Reggie Williams

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