Taking a Course

The courses offered by the Institute are primarily designed to address the interests of those 55 and older, but they are open to all adults. They vary in length and subject and are outside the "credit" sphere of the college, and are not offered under the supervision of Bakersfield College instructional departments.

In addition to the courses offered through the Institute, you may wish to consider the hundreds of regular BC classes that can be taken for credit or, with instructor permission, audited. Some of these are short term, one unit classes. Consult the BC Class Schedule.

Course materials and assignments

A few courses will include required or suggested books and/or other materials, sometimes expected to be brought to the first class session. In addition, some instructors may have reading assignments for that session. Therefore, after you register, on the Levan Institute page look up your course to see if there is such an assignment, or if materials/books are necessary. You can purchase your books or materials at the BC Bookstore or from any other source you wish.

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