How To Request Permission to Edit the Website

Access to edit the website is maintained by the Web Team in Marketing and Public Relations (MPR). Access is limited to keep the user experience consistent through the entire website. Access to edit the institution website is a privilege and requires training. Web content contributors work in cooperation with the MPR Web Team and have limited actions they can perform.

Those wishing to become web content contributors must successfully pass training provided by the MPR Web Content Editors who administer the website. Training is conducted through a work-at-your-own-pace Canvas course that must be completed within 4 weeks. Cohorts begin on the first of the month and will take approximately 6-8 hours. Success is a grade of 90%. In addition, permission must be granted by the section owner or overseeing college administrator. The section owner may be a Department Director, Program Manager, Faculty Chair, or Dean.

Training includes an overview of the website's tools, styles, guidelines, and accessibility standards which must be always followed to retain access.

Web content contributors must be permanent employees or temporary professional experts of Kern Community College District. Student Workers are not permitted to edit the website.

Web content contributors are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the most current information is presented at all times.
  • Reviewing content once per month ideally and once per semester minimum.
  • Attending refresher training at least annually and as needed when laws/standards have changed.
  • Following web standards and accessibility laws.
  • Notifying the MPR Web Team and providing correct and accessible content for areas they may not have the ability to update.

The overseeing college administrator is responsible for notifying MPR if a staff or faculty member is no longer performing web updates as part of their job duties.

Get Started

Filling out the Marketing Services Form

  1. Fill out your Contact Information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Confirm Email

    Screenshot of the form fields
  2. Web Service Type: Request Editing Privileges
    Web Service Type form field with Request editing privileges selected
  3. Web Content Contributor Name (if different from above): If you are the one asking for the privilege, you can leave this blank as you have filled out the information above. If you are filling out the form for another, then add the name and email address of that person.
  4. Section of Website Requesting to Edit: For example "Transfer Pathway" or "Counseling and Advising."
  5. Section Owner Name: Fill in the first and last name of the Department Director, Program Manager, Faculty Chair, or Dean that is over that department or program. Aricia will expect to receive an email from them giving you permission.
  6. Click Submit Form
    Submit Form Button.