How To: Add or Update Online Directory Information

To change the online Directory, submit a work order via the Marketing Services Request form. this does not change the phone system, this is just for the listing on the main website.
If you need help changing your phone extension, submit a work order through the IT helpdesk, Kern Service Center.

You may create a new entry or edit an entry for yourself or another. If you have multiple updates, you may upload a document with all the changes so that you do not have to fill out an entry for each person.

  1. Go to the Web Services Request
  2. Fill out your Contact Information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Confirm Email

    Screenshot of the form fields
  3. Web Service Type: Directory Update
    Web Service Type form field with Directory Update selected
  4. For How many entries are you updating? choose the appropriate answer "Add one (1) New Entry," "Update/Edit one (1) Existing Entry," "Delete one (1) Existing Entry" or "Add/edit/delete multiple entries by uploading a document for my department."
    Form field for How many entries are you updating?
  5. (For One Entry) Update Type choose from "For Myself" or "On Behalf of Another":

    1. Complete the form fields that appear depending upon the above selection
    2. You may include a professional, high resolution of yourself for your profile. Dimensions are 700px x 933px. This is optional.
    3. You may upload a short biography of yourself to be added to your profile. This is optional.
  6. (For Multiple Entry Edits) Prepare a document with all of your edits in Word or Excel. You may use this Excel Directory template (.xlsx). We need to know:
    • Update Type: New Entry,  Edit, or Delete
    • First and Last Name
    • Title (the one on your contract)
    • Department
    • Directory listing other than the department or main listing. (e.g. Pathway Completion Coaching community)
    • Employee Type: Faculty, staff, administrator, or chair.
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Campus Location (Panorama, Delano, BC Southwest, Weill Institute, etc.)
    • Office Location
    • You may also include a link to a share drive, such as Google Drive or OneDrive, which allows us to view the documents so we can retrieve them to provide portrait photos and biographies for your department.
  7. Click Submit Form

Submit Form Button.