When a major utility failure occurs on campus, remain calm and help keep others calm. Notify College Safety at (661) 395-4554 immediately if there is damage to buildings and/or persons. Safely exit the building by walking to the nearest emergency exit. Assist others as needed using the information on Evacuating Others. Do not return to a building until instructed to do so by College Safety Officers or college staff.

Power Outage

During a power outage, some campus buildings can be backed up by emergency generators. It will take a few moments after the initial outage before power is restored by these generators. Some buildings may not be powered by generators, but emergency lighting will illuminate in hallways and at emergency exits. Building Marshals also have flashlights available in their Red Bags.

Plumbing Failure or Flooding

Stop using all electrical equipment and vacate the affected areas. Notify College Safety immediately at (661) 395-4554 or cal 911.

Gas Leak

Stop all operations and vacate the area. Notify College Safety immediately at (661) 395-4554 or call 911.

Ventilation Failure

If air conditioning or heating has stopped, notify Maintenance & Operations at (661) 395-4221. If you smell smoke or burning, call College Safety immediately at (661) 395-4554 or call 911.

Contact College Safety

Phone: (661) 395-4554 | Email: collegesafety@bakersfieldcollege.edu | Location: Administrative Services Building (AS)