Medical Emergency

If a serious injury or illness occurs to a person on campus, immediately call College Safety at (661) 395-4554 or call 911. Ask the affected person, “Are you okay?” and “What's wrong?” to gather as much information as possible for Emergency Responders.

If the person is unresponsive, check their breathing, pulse, and airway. Begin performing CPR, if necessary.

If a person is bleeding seriously, control it by applying direct pressure to the wound.

Keep injured persons still and comfortable. Have the victim lie down, if necessary.

While waiting for help to arrive, try to determine the extent of injury or probable causes, but continue to protect the victim from disturbances and do not move them unless absolutely necessary. Reassure the person that help is on the way. Look for identification and emergency bands. Ask witnesses to standby to provide as much information as possible to Emergency Response when they arrive.

Contact College Safety

Phone: (661) 395-4554 | Email: | Location: Administrative Services Building (AS)